What does FREEDOM mean to you?

1Express Yourself


    "Knowing God."
    Betiana D
    "The ability to affect your surroundings."
    Mitch B
    "Being able to do whatever you want to do."
    Mika Hernandez
    "The beach."
    Gaston Calzato

    "Having no restrictions."
    Adrian G
    "Liberty, the ability to be autonomous & exercise freewill."
    Andrew McIntyre
    "Having access to what you need to do what you want."
    Anthony Herbert
    "Being able to be."
    Sebastian Gutierrez

    "Go where you wanna go, be who you wanna be."
    Sabrina M
    "The ability to move on with regret."
    Sharon T
    "Being anonymous."
    "Freedom to me is the ability to live how you want. To be who you want. And not feel enchained by outward pressure and/or people." Pitty G